Self Help Books Top the Charts in Iran

Okay, good news is subjective. This is clear. But quirky news is also inherently good, you have to agree (no?). and reported that self-help books are taking Iran by storm. Over 70% of Iran’s 65 million people are under the age of 30. In addition to, and sometimes instead of, turning to the Quran when they need a little life-pick-me-up, they turn to their local bookstores. The Secret, translated into Farsi (Dam, I wish I wrote that book!) currently tops the best-sellar lists and the nationally-controlled tv station, Channel Four – has showed the accompanying video 4 times.

In addition to The Secret, there are dozens of self-help magazines, and they even have their own celebrity self-help guru – Dr. Alireza Azmandian, who created The Techonology of Thought and who gives seminars all over Iran.

Bahktiar Khazee, interviewed by the WSJ, begins every morning by listening to Dr. Azmandian. He was quoted as saying- “I used to think every thing was God’s will,” he says. But “now I don’t think this way any more. I know that whatever I set my mind on achieving will happen.”


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