We Miss the Olympics – 10 Good Things To Remember

…as if you could only choose 10 things!

Have you been watching? Perhaps you’ve missed the all-around Rhythmic Gymnastics Finals? You’re OFF the ball, catch them Sunday!

  1. Jamaica will surely have the biggest post-Olympics party in the world after claiming 4 sprint Golds – Usain Bolt – 100m, 200m, Veronica Campbell 200m, and Shelly Ann Fraser 100m (the entire Island will be surely be invited as the population clocks in at 2.7million people).
  2. Michael Phelps will hope he’s allowed extra baggage claims, as he brings home 8 gold medals and the possible title “Greatest Olympian Ever” (and possibly cutest)
  3. Team Great Britain shows that living in a country surrounded by freezing cold water can actually be a good thing – among they’re 18 gold medals so far- Ben Ainslie took his 3rd sailing gold (which many believe gives HIM the title Greatest Olympian Ever), Rebecca Adlington took the 400m and 800m freestyle (world record) for GB’s first swimming medal in 48 years, and James, Williams, Reed and Hodge beat injury to win gold in rowing.
  4. Coming from war-torn Afghanistan , Rohullah Nikpai wins the country’s first medal – Bronze in Taekwondo, and will be rewarded with a new house courtesy of the government.
  5. The girls win China’s First Team Gold in Gymnastics, and the world realizes, yet-again, that people from China are small. (sorry, girls, I get this all the time too “how old are you? you’ve got to be kidding…but you’re so LITTLE.) Short people of the world, unite www.shortsupport.org !
  6. Carli Lloyd scores for the US Women’s Soccer team and beats Brazil for Olympic Gold (yes, Brazil! I know! Crazy!)
  7. With BBC’s “Little Red Button ” Britain’s BBC TV shows 24 hours a day of 7 different sports of Olympics, rankings, results, and special features at the same time with a push of a little button on your remote control. They win – Best Olympics Coverage for the Obsessive Olympics watcher (not it!).
  8. Dutch swimmer, Maarten van der Weijden , survives Leukemia to win gold in the 10k Open Water in… the…RAIN. He squashes all future echoes of “i just caaaannn”’ttttt make it to the gym today, I’ve got this funny little pain in my arm – as does #9…
  9. Amputee Natalie du Toit , 24 years old from South Africa – was the first amputee to compete in the Olympics, placing 16th in the 6.2 mile open swim. An athlete all of her life, she was destined for the Olympics when she had a motorcycling accident in 2001. She got back in the water only 6 months later and has not stopped competing in swimming since.
  10. BMX is cool – gruesome and bloody but totally cool – Anne-Caroline Chausso of France becomes the first female gold medalist in the sport, and Maris Strombergs of Latvia takes the men’s gold.

Not only have the Olympics taught us that there are more than 200 countries in the world (damn, that’s a lot of flags to memorize) and that Chinese people are not all short, (but even if they are, it’s OK), they’ve also shown us just how fun the party can be when the world gets together in one little city.

Thanks for the entertainment!

What makes up your list of good things about the Olympics?


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