Not Thinking Helps you Eat Less

mmm…chinese while thinking….heaven…

As reported by MSN and

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized you’d STOPPED thinking for a little while?  Perhaps after a long night of partying and using far too many one-liners rather than making actual conversation (okay, again…that’s another blog).

A recent study published in Psychosomatic Medicine found that when people think harder their brains require a refreshment of glucose which ends up tripping off your hunger instincts.

Researches conducted an experiment where some groups of students were allowed to relax for 45 minutes while others had to complete some intelligence tasks. After the 45 minutes, the students were offered a smorgasboard of food and those who’d done nothing ate, on average, 253 fewer calories than those who had used their brain for 45 minutes.

Well…this is definitely an excuse to snack while studying because you must feed your brain – it’s too important. (can’t say the same for snacking while at work – let’s face it, far too many of us simply don’t think …while working….what can we say, it’s an art).

Good News? Up to you? Go ahead and not think for a while….save a few calories. Perhaps this is how all those celebrities lose wait so easily….I’m mostly picturing a certain Mariah Carey who recently married a “teenager”.

Best snack ever – OLIVES – read about them at this salty-sweet food blog – The Would-Be CHef.Com


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