It’s Finally Cool To Drive Old Cars (not like it wasn’t when you were in high school)

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For more old car photos – MichielVerburgh’s Flickr Collection

Although too late for me and my bro, due to rising gas prices it is now really cool to own an old car . ( My brother and I clung to our mother’s 1990 Aqua Honda Accord for dear life, even through those little transmission problems….did you know you can still drive a car with transmission problems? Just go down a hill if you wan to accelerate, and always gas through the turns.)

A recent LA Times article from Ken Bensinger tells the tale of Danius Tarman. Danius is a muscle car man, and owns 3 muscle cars but instead turns to his 16 year-old Honda Civic Hatchback to get himself to and from work everyday (100 mile trip). The car gets 61 miles a gallon!

That’s not the only car to get amazing gas-mileage. Many of the cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s were created as high-efficiency because the auto industry researches believed the big car days were over. In fact, many of those early 90s cars get better mileage than the ones they’re spitting out now.

So….dust off that gem cousin Gerry never could bring himself to throw out and that’s still sitting in your aunt’s driveway. It just very well could be a mileage mastermind. If you can find one, try a 1994 Pontiac Firefly (48 mpg) or the 1991 35 mpg Ford Escort.

Darius says that it’s very difficult to find old-model cars these days because auto officianados realize what gas-friendly cars they are. So if you don’t have one of these old cars sitting on your lawn, hurry quick to your nearest rental car spot  or just have fun finishing reading the LA Times article and reminiscing about how you and your bro really WERE cool cruising around town at 30 mph in your old hunky- Honda. (and eco-friendly)

LA TIMES ARTICLE – MOre Stuff about Cars and Gas And Stuff

Cool Blog about used cars //


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