Do David Caruso and Vincent Dinofrio really make you Hungry?

Study claims that Crime Dramas make you eat and shop more.

An article on MSNBC puts forward a claim that our favorite crime dramas make us more willing to lay down money for goods. Its an interesting theory. In today’s society many of us seem to use purchases as a “pick me up” or sweet snacks as indulgences and rewards for a rough day at work. But are we really so influenced by the images on TV that it makes us run for the store or fridge.

“We found that when people think about the fact that they’re going to die someday — not now, but someday — they want to consume more of everything,” says Naomi Mandel, co-author of the study

While the study explores the theory and takes Television itself out of the equation I can’t help but feel a little bit like they are putting the cart before the horse. Like my avid defense of Diet soda ( I ❤ Diet Pepsi) in the face of those accusations that “Diet Soda makes you fat” I always contend that “No if you are Fat you are more likely to drink Diet soda!”. I feel theories like this while grounded in reality tend to look at things in a vacuum that does not exist in reality.

One if you are a Crime time TV fan you end up watching tons of commercials meant to get you to buy things. I’d like to see this study examine fans of the Sopranos and The Wire shows which are just as graphic (if not More so) but have no advertising running in the show.

Also if you think about the average couch potato, aren’t you more likely to go snack if you are watching a marathon of your favorite show, where its CSI; Miami or Extreme Home Make Over? I’d love further examination of this theory in regards to other types of shows. Does America’s Next Top Model make you want to buy make up, or become bulimic? What happens when you watch too many Seinfeld reruns?

“Consumers, especially those with a lower self-esteem, may be more susceptible to overconsumption when confronted with images of death during the news or their favorite crime scene investigation shows,” Mandel concludes in her study. “

I do believe that this is somehow true. That when faced with mortality and death our society doesn’t really have an outlet to express concerns and fears for these things, so we do as we have been trained “consume, and you will feel better” There is comfort in food, new shoes, new sheets, new cell phone, and new 46 inch Plasma HDTV* which will make your favorite crime dramas even MORE Graphic!!

*Santa, that last one is on my list 😉

The rest of the article is linked here


4 responses to “Do David Caruso and Vincent Dinofrio really make you Hungry?

  1. too bad that Heidimarie Schnitzer, David Caruso’s very sick and slightly dangerous STALKER from Austria is now touting your blog here as evidence that David Caruso does NOT in fact make someone hungry, but as she states, nauseous. Block her, whatever you do – she’s sick and will take over your blogsite. She is aka Vixen, and 1,001 other aliases.

  2. lacy, I told you to take your bipolar medicine…really. Otherwise, you go on bothering people with your nonsensical rants.

    David Caruso doesn’t make ANYONE hungry anywhere.

  3. ..besides, many people will see this article als tongue in cheek, thus the label “humor”

  4. As you did, it’s remarkably easy to make swiss cheese out of Mandel’s ‘theory’. We all know you can skew these “studies” whatever way one wishes for the results one wishes to achieve.

    Speaking of humor, your previous commenters……

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