Burn Victims in Pakistan find new life as Beauticians

According to The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, at least 33 women were burned in acid attacks and 45 were set on fire in 2007. These women are assaulted by gilted-husbands, father’s ashamed of their daughters…men who find it within their power to destroy the lives of women who live in a society with less rights then they.

Thanks to the Depilex Smile Foundation,  these victimized women have the opportunity to get reconstructive surgery and – to become beauticians. (click on the name to go to their website to find out more)

Masarrat Misbah, head of a slew of Depilex salon chains, was approached for help by one of these women over 5 years ago. She immediately began a quest to help them, but soon discovered that many of these women had interests in her line of work. 

“And I felt so sad,” Misbah says. “Because beauty is all about faces and beautiful girls and skin.”

She arranged for 10 women to start training in a beauty course in Italy, and these women are now employed as beauticians in salons in Pakistan. Some clients find the sight of these women disturbing. Even after many surgeries they are still scarred and deformed for life. But most women in Pakistan are proud to benefit women who have been brought back into the circle of female society.  

One of the young beauticians, Akbar, while talking about why she likes helping women to look beautiful when she herself is forever scared said :

“They do it because the world demands it. For them, it’s a necessity. For me, it isn’t.”

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