Butter is Acceptable Again – According to NYT


Well this is not very scientific and definitely not very journalistic, but in my opinion it falls under the category of “plain old good news”: people are dieting less and eating more!


According to this New York Times article, eating good, healthy and tasty food is becoming acceptable again! Since there is not much proof that eating low-fat, and sugar-substitute filled products help people keep the weight off, it seems that the general public is embracing the idea of cooking with natural ingredients (apparently this is also because prepared food is expensive).


The other interesting thing about this article is it gave me a reason to like Rachael Ray. Ray believes that cookbooks should not come with calorie information. As someone who was recently shocked by going to Chevy’s and finding out that even ordering an appetizer required going over my recommended daily caloric intake, I fully support Ray’s decision to omit that information from her cookbooks. I also think that calorie information should not be listed next to hot-dog and beer vendors at baseball stadiums. That is just plain wrong.



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