PBS’s ‘Sarah Palin Poll’ Takes On a Life of Its Own Thanks To – YOU

On September 5th, 2008 the folks at PBS’s NOW-political series launched  an online Sarah Palin Poll. The Poll asks: “Is Sarah Palin qualifed to become Vice President?”

After taking the poll, some readers were so disturbed to find the poll in Palin’s favor, that they launched an email campaign asking people to log-on and vote against her. A massive email chain ensued with people both for and against Palin’s competency. According to NOW’s executive producer, John Siceloff, the entire PBS.org website received massive overload due to the response. That finally pushed them to equip the poll with a cookie-registration system which allows a person to vote only once per computer (something CNN and others do NOT do). They had reservations about “cookies” because the folks at PBS feel it’s a violation of privacy, but they feel the cookie was one thing they could do to help control “bad pollster behavior”.

However, the poll was taken off the homepage of PBS’s NOW, and can’t even be navigated to from the website. The decision was not made to act against the poll, but rather becuase PBS’s NOW simply likes to publish a new poll each week. However, the poll remains online, and emailers continue to send mass emails linking to the site. You can only vote on the Palin Question if you’ve got the exact address – (which I got from my friend Bi and Gloria – thanks!).


The Poll has now taken on a life of its own and has sparked debate and major interest for the folks at PBS and readers across the internet. It has clearly demonstrated the power of “email” when used for good. People can take back their email from SPAM and chain-letters and assert theirrights to media ‘by the people and for the people’.

Last I checked, the poll was still 50 to 46 in favor of Palin.

Whether you’re voting yes or no on Sarah Palin, go the above site to take the poll (PBS is still monitoring) or go to the articles about the crazy success of the ‘poll-with-a-life-of-its-own’ published by PBS here-



Blog about Alaska in support of Palin-



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