You Tube Can Make You Famous

At some point last fall I read about Darren Star (of Sex and the City fame) and CBS acquiring the rights to the web series, We Need Girlfriends. I immediately googled, and came up with the You Tube links. Then, I watched them (instead of going to sleep). There were a few “ah ha” moments, since the show was filmed in my neighborhood, and there were a couple witty moments, one about a MySpace page springs to mind, but mostly it was just a couple of actors (one of which is now on Lipstick Jungle) letting jokes go on for too long. That is not to say that it wasn’t slightly addicting.


The point is – it was addicting for other people too, which lead to CBS picking it up and sending it to pilot (current stage unknown). So, as much as a sitcom about three guys, fresh out of college who just got dumped by their girlfriends does not really belong on the slightly older skewing CBS, they are going to try.


You Tube and the rest of the internets (“s” intended;)) have created a whole generation of filmmakers that now have a shot at stardom, where previously they might have struggled in assistant-land for years.


I just came across this article that talks about Bo Burnham, a You Tube singer-comedian who is apparently writing a script (starring himself) for Judd Apatow. Burnham is known for his R-rated tunes like “My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay”, so I am sure that the script he is working on, a take on Disney’s High School Musical will fit right in with the Apatow brand.


You Tube – not just for watching Charlie bit fingers, it’s also useful for career building. And that’s good news!


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