5 Officially Good Things About Being Short

I know you don’t want to believe it (ALL YOU TALL PEOPLE, that is…) but there are many advantages to being short. And isn’t the whole point of building auditorium seats on a slant so that you can SEE the stage?

From Short Person’s Support.Org

  1. Shorter people have faster reaction times and greater ability to accelerate body movements (this is why it was so crazy that Usain Bolt could run fast – usually sprinters aren’t so dam tall)
  2. Short people are less likely to break bones falling and so can excel at things like gymnastics and martial arts.
  3. Short people are less likely to break hips wen falling due to a stronger back structure. (I’ll remember that when I’m old and gray)
  4. Shorter people live longer – according to the World Health Organization study in 1992 – bigger bodies have more cells, and fewer potential cell doublings to replace defective or dead cells.
  5. Shorter people create less waste and less pollution.

Now there, didn’t that perk you up a bit today!

Disclaimer – to all you tall people – this is NOT an excuse to hunch over – that’s just NOT attractive.


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