Bush Relaxes Wild-life Regulations, and Subway Cars Find New Life

Just to keep you all informed, President Bush and his administration are finally getting to work and doing stuff. Unfortunately, most people may think it’s bad stuff. (I think the “time out corner” should replace the oval office, right Supernanny?!). President Bush wants to relax building regulations which require sign-off from wild-life biologists before major federal building projects begin. Before building bridges and dams, biologists stall projects in order to modify designs that might endanger local species.

He can do this because the President has the power of “oversight“, he has the ability to dictate the manner in which laws passed by congress go into effect. ‘Please-help-us-President-Obama‘ can overturn the rules, but it would take a while as the entire rule-making process would have to be started again. Fortunately, Congress may use a little gem called “The Congressional Review Act‘ which allows THEM to review federal regulations.

It’s all very complicated. And no, it’s not good news, but you should all know about it: www.msnbc.com

But on the bright side, there’s still SOME good news out there: 

– anyone who loved all those old red, non-air-conditioned subway cars can rest assured. Cars are being shipped to Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, South Carolina and Georgia to re-ignite marine habitats

off the coast. The cars create shelter and building grounds for all sorts of lovely sea creatures, and they still look pretty cool. In turn – they even help increase fish populations for all those people that still love to cast a line. (www.abc2news.com)

See…now didn’t that make you smile? huh? go ahead! –

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