Five! Golden Rings (sort of not quite)

I first heard about one of these incidents late last week, in rare moments of lucidity during the annual post-Thanksgiving weekend coma: people (men) have been dropping diamond rings into Salvation Army kettles!

The incident I saw (on the evening news) was about a man who had bought a ring for his mother with the money he earned whilst mowing lawns. When she died earlier this year, he decided that the ring should go towards something good.

Then, it happened again, also in Pennsylvania (are they campaigning for state-of-the-year or is M.Night Shyamalan trying to come up with new ideas for a freaky movie about people donating stuff – starts out with food, then diamonds, then body parts). This time the good samaritan is unknown, but the ring he left behind is worth $2,000.

So, during a time when I am sure Salvation Army donations are down, this is definitely good news for them – it money in the bank, not to mention great press.


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