The Best Get Out of Work Excuses

In honor of Sunday (the day when we get ready for tomorrow)…sometimes we just can’t handle another work day, but we can’t justify using one of our precious vacation days for the sake of our mental health. So, here are my top five, “don’t need to show up the next day with sickly looking make-up or a fake injury” excuses.


Best Get-Out-of-Work Excuses


  1. I have food poisoning from that sushi place you suggested I try last night.
  2. My dog/cat/bird/iguana had to go the vet.
  3. My cable is out and the only three hour window available was right in the middle of the day, so there is no point in coming in.
  4. I started my own religion, tomorrow is a very sacred day.
  5. And finally – the most perfect, might even buy you three days excuse: I have conjunctivitis.

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