Monogamy, Men’s Health and Deer Mice

“Sexploration” column writer Brian Alexander from gives us one of the most interesting op-eds of the week.

Around the 1st of November, 2008, a study came out titled “Coping with copulation may help calculate diabetes risk.” The study found that deer mice participating in monogamous-mice-love (as opposed to hopping around the cage with any old rat) led to calmer rats and a stronger ability to regulate blood sugars.

Since deer-mice are so like men, the researchers concluded that this means that men in monogamous relationships deal better with stress and lower their risk of diabetes.

Many women (and men) out there will see this as good news. But Mr. Alexander, who writes about sex and men for MSNBC, decided to one-up the researchers and list 10 things we can ALL  learn by comparing animal sex and people sex.

For items like “It won’t help to pee on her house”. Go to his funny and, yes, poignant article on:


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