…Or Bust!


Right at the beginning of every year, I go to Florida to visit my family for about two weeks. I figure if I go once for a long time at the beginning of the year, I won’t have to go back for that long any other time during the year. I can come back and stay for a long weekend, see my family: kiss, kiss, hug, hug and then go back to New York. No fuss, no muss. It’s not that I don’t like my family, I do. I love them, with all of my heart, but honestly after about 72 hours I start to get restless and in need of some good old Northern Hospitality, a good bagel, a slice of pizza and the tangy scent of an over ripe Uptown C train at 3:30pm.

So, it is February, time for my yearly visit to Or-Land-OH, Flah-rida. The Sunshine State. The home of The Mouse. God’s Waiting Room…{or insert cute little moniker here}. I have been here for 10 days and at the beginning of the trip I’d decided that I was going make the most of things because, let’s face it, time away from work, good or bad, is time away from work. I had a free place to stay in Florida, 24/7 access to my family, although that might not have been the best idea, it was still nice to be with them. I had time to see things that I don’t always get to see, like there is this pink elephant on highway 17 / 92.

Then my Aunt Joyce and I spent time in Mount Dora, a super cute little town on the shore of Lake Dora in Cental Florida. We walked all over exploring the little specialty shops. I bought a jar of pineapple habenero dip/spread and the stuff to make a cheese ball (don’t hate). I got my mom & sister valentine’s day presents and the best cupcakes I’ve tasted thus far.

The best part though was driving back home we stopped at a veggie stand where this old guy had lined up all these beautiful tomatoes on a table. I walked up and asked if I could take a picture and he says: “Aw, I been tryin’a git them thangs to smile all mornin’!”

It had been a good day up until that point, but it was a great day after that.

Florida ain’t all bad.




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