Public Domain Games Ready for the Movies

Recently the announced Monopoly movie directed by Ridley Scott* inspired Gawker to list “Five Possible Board games-to-Movie Adaptations”**. But I was thinking why waste all that money on licensing of a game owned by people when you can just use some public domain childhood favorites.


Its the year 2025 and the dreaded Ku-Utis virus has run rampant amongst the world’s population.
The virus turns people into monstrous creatures called “ITs”. They become pariahs shunned and run from by normal people.
The disease is passed incredibly easily, by simple touch. Ku-Utis bacteria infects the person touched immediately and they become an IT. Once infected they have an over whelming urge to infect others. These IT’s are rounded up and quarantined by the government but the disease proves to difficult to contain as it spreads like wild fire across the U.S.

An underground presidential bunker becomes overrun with ITs despite the Military’s best efforts they infect the President (William Hurt) in which case the monstrous being, with his hand on the President’s shoulder, in a gravely rasp says “Now You are IT!” before the President chokes and falls to the floor transforming.

Keanu Reeves is a genius Biologist who has created a vaccine known as “BaSe” but is he in time? Now He must make his way from his lab in Key West to the CDC headquarters in Georgia. Now Immune himself, he has to get there to create enough of his vaccine to save the world.


Jack Murphy (Kevin Connolly) and Jackson Valentino (Chris Evans) are life long friends drawn to the money and excitement of world of underground gaming. The bigger the stakes, the bigger payoff. Neither has ever lost a game, but neither has ever played each other. When Jack refuses to throw a game, he finds himself backed into a corner owing money to the Russian mob. To save the lives of their loved ones they have to face off against each other in a vicious version of a game they haven’t played since they were children.

Bounce the ball and pick up the razor sharp jacks. Onesies , Twosies, but draw out of order and the ball will explode, taking your hand with it. Jason Statham plays the “Games Keeper” who runs the show.


Chris Duncan (Ashton Kutcher) is a San Francisco cop on the edge. In a horrible mistake he guns down a small child with a toy gun in a dark alley. He’s vilified in the press and turned on by his loved one and after some brief thoughts of suicide he decides he’s going to hang up his gun for good…but not his shield.

Growing up on a military base in the Philippines he remembers the old local man who befriended him and showed him the ways of the Yo-Yo: how it was more than a toy – it was a formidable weapon. He begins to train again and although rusty at first, he gains confidence and then goes back to clean up the streets with his pair of titanium yo-yos and badass attitude. Taking on local drug lord (Jet li) he works his way up and down and up and down Chinatown’s mean streets cleaning it up one punk at a time.

Trailer contains the scene with Chris’s Love interest (Lucy Lu) held captive and thugs are knocked out by yo-yos. She says “Chris I knew you’d come back” and he replies “I always do, baby. I always do”

*The link to the Ridley Scott Monopoly movie;

**The link to Gawker article “Five Possible Boardgame-to-Movie Adaptations”;


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