The Success of the Snuggie

At least there’s still good news in marketing these days.  In a time when retail is struggling and big name stores have shut down, there’s actually one product out there that’s a hit: the Snuggie blanket! Why increase your heating bill when you can put on a blanket with sleeves?  That’s basically the marketing message of this unique blanket that launched nationally in October, just as the financial crisis was making headlines.  Any other product may have failed, but not this humble fleece cover that resembles a monk’s cloak or a fashion statement from a Star Wars Jedi.  Something about the Snuggie speaks to Americans these days, so much that there’s even a Facebook fan page with over 14,000 members.  I think the Snuggie’s success is a sign of the times – people are choosing to stay home more and trying to be energy efficient.

Congratulations, Snuggie!  When it comes to launching a new product, you’ve shown us that timing is everything.

More – Bob Loblaw can’t believe it either – The Snuggie Story


One response to “The Success of the Snuggie

  1. the Snuggie is my excuse to dress like a pink Jedi

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