Good News; We Are Still Alive!

Apparently an asteroid nearly blew us all to hell and back. But thanks to the hard work of Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis we were all prepared and the asteroid just PUNKED OUT and flew on by.

“The asteroid named 2009 DD45 was about 48,800 miles from Earth. That is just twice the height of some telecommunications satellites and about a fifth of the distance to the Moon.

The space ball measured between 69 feet and 154 feet in diameter. The Planetary Society said that made it the same size as an asteroid that exploded over Siberia in 1908 and leveled more than 800 square miles of forest.“


AND WHAT?? AND WHAT!! This Asteroid knew we’d send a group of rag tag misfits up to nuke it’s ass so it decided not to mess with us!!*

The article for more information

* Mother Nature and Mother Cosmos I am only joking please don’t bring Armageddons upon me, thanks


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