Murderball On Ice!!!

Over the weekend I went to a Ranger game. It was a great game as they demolished the Colorado Avalanche. There was however an added bonus to this great game. During the intermission we got to see some local team play hockey. Nothing out of the ordinary that kind of thing happens at NHL games except that these guys were all paraplegic except for one, who was an amputee.

Now yes I’ll admit the excitement and oddity of it did appeal to me at first, but eventually it became more. First I realized that these guys get to play (even if just for a few minutes) in front of a huge crowd at one of the greatest arenas in the world. How awesome must this feel? On top of that the game play itself was really interesting so I set out to find more info on it online.<

In Sled Hockey also know as Sledge Hockey (more EXTREME!@!! I guess) the players are sitting in a sled with their legs in front of them. They propel themselves forward using two small hockey sticks with picks at the butt-ends of them. Yes, it did seem out of the ordinary, but it also seemed like a lot of fun. Some of these guys were really good too, hands down better than me at shooting the puck.

I took me a while to find information online because the majority of it seems to be all about Hockey fights that break out and nothing about the sport itself. My normally phenomenal Google skills were failing me as I kept looking up “Paraplegic” + “Hockey” it wasn’t until I looked up “Sled” that things started to appear. These guys are awesome and I encourage everyone to check out the info below!

For More Information on the sport itself:
For Information on the The Rangers Sled Hockey team (scroll down):
And yes I know you all have a little morbid curiosity about it here is the hockey fight between the Canadian and USA Sledge teams:,144822


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