Skewered by a Spear? It’s All Good

This is completely unbelievable, in every sense. First, that it could happen, and second, that the boy is going to be okay.

Whilst playing during the Holi festival, a six-year-old Indian boy fell on a 6ft rod. Not quite sure how he fell, but the rod went straight through either side of his stomach, in the direction that would make it very difficult to walk through doorways.

Doctors on the scene gave him some necessary first aid (don’t know what that means, but it probably involved saying “oh S*&$” in Hindi a couple of times) and then he was transferred to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (soon to receive a lot more funding due to their new “We Perform Miracles” add campaign)

There, doctors spent four hours removing the rod, to quote the BBC article:

The doctors said he had lost a lot of blood and suffered liver and stomach injuries but “nothing major”

“Nothing major” – are they insane! When I saw the picture I actually gasped, which was a little embarrassing since I work in a quiet office.

My mom has always told me that if I don’t have health insurance and something happens, I should just get myself on a plane to India – turns out she may be right.

Warning: the article has a picture; I just didn’t want to post it here, in case anyone is sensitive to things like “six year olds with spears coming out of their bodies”.


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