This is our WordPress hosted site.
This webpage sits on the wordpress server and we love wordpress more than our stuffed animals we still leave on our chair when we don’t have lovers coming over.

BUT we can’t have all the bells and whistles we like so our main site is here, complete with more posts, more games, more stuff:


Still Good News .com is run by Simone and Channon Hodge. We started this website to highlight all the fun, quirky, and yes – good – things that are out there happening in the world.


Channon is the second to last person to get her bio into this website because she is tired of editing html and must go to bed. Link to Channon’s Articles

Simone (aka Chocoholic) is generally curious about all things, which makes it really difficult to become good at anything. Currently, she works in the corporate-ish world of TV, but one day hopes to be writing for it instead.

She is skeptical of people that regularly eat ice-cream in the winter and wonders why there are words that are pronounced differently and have different meanings despite being spelled the same (like envelope or progress). Link to Simone’s Articles


John K. (aka nothingjerk ) finds everything quirky and interesting worth pondering over all day long instead of doing your boring work. He is, however, very good at doing his work, too. Link to John’s Articles Here

Michelle (aka Michelle) loves to travel and her favorite places include Cuba, Italy and Argentina. When not traveling, she finds inspiration in thought-provoking movies, great novels, and debating ideas with her husband. Link to Michelle’s Articles Here

Monika (aka Monika) is a poet & photographer living in Harlem. She is the author of Ms’d Opportunities, a collection of poetry. Her second collection, Struggling for Beauty, is due out in spring 2009. Link to Monika’s Articles

Feel free to contact us with good news and comments at info@stillgoodnews.com .

PRIVACY POLICY – We do not redistribute, sell, or trade your email address if you submit comments or information to stillgoodnews.com. Likewise, we do not share your information if you sign up for our RSS feed or email notifications.

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Still Good News by www.stillgoodnews.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License .


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