The Good News of an Obama Presidency

by M.C. Walsh



        I feel as if the spirit of America was revived on Election night.  The world watched as we voted in an unlikely candidate to the White House, proving once again, that America is truly the land of opportunity, the place where seemingly impossible dreams can come true. We are all witnesses to this momentous history:  the United States elected its first black president.  With more Americans coming from mixed heritages and bi-racial backgrounds, like Barack Obama himself, perhaps the color line has finally been blurred. 


        Obama led an impressive presidential campaign by any standards, perhaps even the best.  Coming from a modest upbringing, having an atypical name that resembles our nation’s most feared terrorist, and being relatively new to the political scene, Obama overcame these hurdles with a simple, steady, consistent message that got to the heart of the people:  change.  We all had enough of the Bush/Cheney administration.  Obama’s cool, collected demeanor and positive energy resonated with citizens from coast to coast and his landslide victory is a testimony to how Americans are tired with the existing status quo.


        We each have our own memories of this election.  For many, it was the night that change won.  And while change certainly did win (Yes, we did!), I think it was also a night of healing.  To see whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native-Americans, and first generation Americans gather together in Chicago, celebrating Obama’s victory, was nothing short of a miracle for those who lived during segregation in this country, which was not so terribly long ago. 



        I know there are big challenges in America, but those challenges will be easier to face with hope and unity.  Even for those who voted for McCain, I think that an Obama presidency will inspire faith in the American dream.  We’re more than a consumer, celebrity-obsessed nation.  We’re a hard-working people from many backgrounds, religions and ethnicities, yet together, we can strive towards a common goal.  I’ve heard Obama describe America’s beacon as one that still burns brightly for the world.  The good news is that we can still reclaim our American ideals and the vision that formed this country.  In fact, I believe we did.       


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