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Fame Review and Why Can’t We All Sing?

Fame Poster from Cinematical

Fame Poster from Cinematical

Most people that know me – know that #1 – I have 23 Barbra Streisand Record Albums, and #2 – I have a dance movie collection complete with accompanying soundtracks. I’m one of those – Oh! I wish I had continued at Miss Jan Estrella’s School of Dance when I was 10 instead of dropping out to play 10 other sports kind of people. If only I’d had the opportunity to attend Performing Arts High School – oh the places I could have gone. (although my lack of vocal talent and my inate inability towards self-discipline probably would have caused some problems)

I went to a free screening of Fame last week at Loews Theater on 42nd Street. Any true dance nut knows that this movie has been in the works ever since the 1980 original version. (yes, 1980!!!) its directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who’s cut his chops on dance videos.

And indeed – the best features of the film are the moments when these talented young whippersnappers sing, rap and leap across the stage. The sheer brilliance of the dancing and choreography, the spectacular grittiness that is still New York and some beautiful Chicago-like montages make this film a must-see for anyone in entertainment. These kids have so much heart and so much talent – I got teary smack in the middle. Naturi Naughton plays a classical pianist whose real dream is to sing and Kay Panabaker plays a young actress all too eager to fall prey to creepy guys. Even though their storylines are barely fleshed out, the montage of teen angst and the spectacular dance scenes carry the energy throughout the film. Continue reading

Skewered by a Spear? It’s All Good

This is completely unbelievable, in every sense. First, that it could happen, and second, that the boy is going to be okay.

Whilst playing during the Holi festival, a six-year-old Indian boy fell on a 6ft rod. Not quite sure how he fell, but the rod went straight through either side of his stomach, in the direction that would make it very difficult to walk through doorways.

Doctors on the scene gave him some necessary first aid (don’t know what that means, but it probably involved saying “oh S*&$” in Hindi a couple of times) and then he was transferred to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (soon to receive a lot more funding due to their new “We Perform Miracles” add campaign)

There, doctors spent four hours removing the rod, to quote the BBC article:

The doctors said he had lost a lot of blood and suffered liver and stomach injuries but “nothing major” Continue reading

Pretty Bitter!

There was an actual study that measured the level of disgust one registered when tasting something bitter and when faced with the morally acerbic. They found that the 2 sitiations registered an equal amount of grossicity.
Continue reading

Foiled Again!

She could be anyone’s Granny, but she ain’t just your run of the mill senior citizen…oooh no!… In Budapest police caught Kosztor Sandborne, 83, nicknamed “Flying Gizi“, as she was creeping into a house to rob it in Komarom, in northwest Hungary.

Apparently, it’s been Flying Gizi’s modis operandi, for the last 6o years to rob a place and make her get away by taking a commercial flight. Lately, though, she’s been taking the train because the trains in Hungary are free for senior citizens! She’s been convicted 20 times and has been on police radar since the 1950’s.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to keep a close eye on the elderly ladies I give my seat up to on the A-train.

Kangeroo Ninja Confusion

According to Skynews, an Australian man woke up one night to find an intruder running around his house.

“The 42-year-old told Sky News Online: “I just saw this black thing. I thought it was a lunatic ninja, an intruder. It just fell on top of us on the bed. A couple of seconds later I realized it was a kangaroo.” Continue reading

Top Five of the Week

This week didn’t have much, (unless you count really serious things like a warrant being issued for Sudan’s Bashir) so I don’t think it deserves a top five, instead here are some bullet points in no particular order.

• AIG lost more money
• Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together, maybe, and maybe got married. I’m only mentioning this because according to The Week, it is the top story next to Obama and the stimulus.
• Michael Jackson announced his return: 10 concerts in London, fans went crazy – forgot that it’s probably cause he is broke.
• Watchmen came out and a lot of people saw it; Jonas Brothers movie slipped from No. 2 to No. 9
• We didn’t get hit by an asteroid.